Allyship + Action         


We created this toolkit as a place for BIPOC artists and their allies to spread the word about our campaign for
an equitable future at YoungArts. But, before you take action, take a breath.

🚨️ Safety first. We’ve designed this platform to have many different levels of engagement. Please pick the one that is the most appropriate for you. We welcome anyone and everyone’s support on our journey to support the liberation of BIPOC artists. While challenging comfort is necessary in fighting 💪🏾 white supremacy (especially for white folks), assuming personal risk that may threaten your livelihood or your future is not (especially for BIPOC and young people). By all means and at all times, focus on what feeds you sustainably.

Aim for growth. We started this project in the spirit of restoration and accountability. We do this work to hold our institutions to a standard worthy of the work of artists of color 👩🏾‍🎨  and their allies, and to ensure that those same institutions do not leave behind a legacy of intergenerational violence and trauma at the cost of lives of color. Gratitude and criticism are never mutually exclusive and accountability must be publicly and rigorously safe-guarded. But we move always in the direction that leads most directly to joy. 💫 We’re building up our community, not tearing down an institution.

Let’s show YoungArts that their institutional marketing does not speak louder than community voices.

📧 Email Templates

Click the following links to open a pre-addressed
email to the selected group in your default e-mail client. 

︎︎︎ Formal Email Links 

︎︎︎ Semi-Formal Email Links

📲 Social Media

Need a quick blurb to post on social or
send to your friends? We’ve got you!

︎︎︎ Informal Text Copy

Make your mark. Use the hashtag
on all your online postings and tag @equitablefuturescollective.

📁 Downloadable Social Content